Our Business

The Strength of Aoyama REAX

All for client

We provide consulting services solely catered to a client.
Besides real estate consulting, we provide a wide range of support and solution businesses
depending on our clients’ needs.

Partnering with pioneers
in the real estate

Besides the latest real estate information and news,
we provide quality professional services through our partnerships in the various specialized areas, including legal, tax, construction, design, appraisal, and operation.

For better society

Aoyama REAX aims to make our society better.
We believe that solving the problems of our clients’ real estate will lead to a better society.
Please feel free to contact us even for cases that other consultants may decline to help.

Our Business

Aoyama REAX provides a full range of customized services
including real estate purchase,
sale, and consulting for domestic and foreign clients.
We also make principal investments.

Our business 1.Real estate sales arrangement 2.Real estate consulting 3.Catered service for real estate purchase 4.Real estate development 5.Venture capital investment
  1. Real Estate Sales Arrangement

    With our specialized partners in various fields, we provide a full range of services, including real estate sales evaluation, value enhancement programs, and legal and tax-related solution businesses. There are more than 50 domestic and foreign clients looking to invest in Japanese properties. We have a sound track record in consulting foreign clients to make investments. We mainly leverage our strong partnerships with agents in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Our strength is to advise the highest-and-best use of properties and to identify opportunities that best match our clients’ investment purposes.

    Business Contents
    • Real estate appraisal
    • Sales proposal (optimal strategy and plan)
    • Real estate management
    • Purchase proposal
    Business Objects
    • Rental properties
      (residential, office, commercial)
    • Poorly performing properties
      (e.g., low occupancy)
    • Student houses, co-living, corporate dormitories
    • Commercial land
  2. Real Estate Consulting

    Real estate related issues are increasingly becoming complex. We will not simply apply a traditional “buy-and-sell” strategy but make the most optimal proposal based on our comprehensive analysis and characteristics of each property.

    For solution business and proposals, a project team will be launched among select professionals in each specialized field such as construction, tax, appraisal, legal, and architect. Our team will offer one-stop solutions for our clients’ various needs. However, the value of such information will be realized only when transactions actually take place. Even for the acquisition of quality properties, if financing terms are not favorable, investment value will be reduced. The best investment can be made only when certain conditions are met in various aspects including acquisition terms, financing terms, efficient tax schemes, legal protections. Aoyama REAX provides the best quality support and services for domestic and overseas investors.

  3. Catered Service for Real Estate Purchase

    Information gathering and negotiation skills are the keys to property acquisition. Crossing the gap of culture difference, we continue to build property sales information in order to provide not only the market intelligence but also other accurate and latest information.

    Business Contents
    • Arrangement for domestic and overseas real estate
      • Obtain real estate information from clients in Japan
      • Negotiate with the seller(owner)
        as an agent
      • Solve architectural, legal and tax issues
        through our partners
      • Provide the suitable
        financing bank
      • Provide asset management after purchase
    Business Objects

    Rental real estate
    (residential, office, healthcare facilities)

  4. Real Estate Development

    We develop and manage apartments for foreign students and workers in Japan. Also, we are planning to develop and operate medical facilities for foreign residents.

  5. Venture Capital Investment

    We are investing in emerging domestic and foreign companies that create synergies for our business.

    Investment Track Records
    • Start-up company of
      global medical
      platform operation
    • Start-up company of domestic media operation
    • Foreign natural resource management company

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