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■Personal Data Privacy Policy

Aoyama REAX, Inc. (hereafter, "the Company") believes the secure protection of customers' privacy and personal information is an importation element of its business operation and activities. The Company has consequently established the Personal Data Privacy Policy, set out below, standardizes the behavior of all employees,to enable it to consistently fulfill its promise and responsibility.

(1)The Company shall protect both customers' and employees' personal information, use through strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines set by the national laws and the government policies.
(2) Personal information that the Company acquires and applies, will be used for achievement of the specific purposes within the necessary scope. Also, the Company will not handle any personal information beyond the necessary range. In addition, the Company will take appropriate management measures to prevent unauthorized use.
(3)The Company will acquire personal information by appropriate and fair means.
(4) The Company will not use any personal information for any purpose other than the purposes of use without the consent of the information owner(except in cases under the statutory procedures).
(5)The Company will ensure that the person who provided the personal information can be properly involved in the acquisition, apply, and provision of personal information. Simultaneously, if there is any inconvenience or need for consultation, the Company will promptly investigate the facts and respond in good faith soon.
(6)The Company will take systematic, personal, physical, and technical security measures to ensure the proper and careful control of personal information owned by the Company and to protect personal information from leakage, loss, and damage.
(7)The Company will establish the Personal Information Protection Management System and will, from time to time, review and revise this policy.

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